Remember to switch off for Earth Hour 2012!


Today 8.30 pm local time!

8 hours to go!!

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Something for Nothing

Sometimes I’m lucky and find two things that can be used together. Like this time. One day I found two chairs, nice design but not a very nice dark brown varnish. A couple of days later I found a whole bag of small test pots of paint, from everything to ceiling paint, wall paint and bathroom paint in various colours. Some of the paints were to dry or had too little in them. But the paint that was still okay I put to good use.

This is the result…

As I didn’t have enough paint I only did two layers of paint but without a basecoat. This means the colour may wear off a bit faster, but I don’t mind that. I like it when it looks a bit worn, or ‘shabby-chic’ as it’s so fashionable called.

Old chairs are usually really cheap in charity shops, and tester pots of paint can be bought for a couple of quid in all paint and decorating shops.

Even Willow the cat approved, and she’s usually quite a hard one to please.

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So ‘Green Wave’

My dog, Leija, that is. She is very particular about the food she eats, but also what she eats her food from.


BeCobowl is made from waste (leftover materials from farming) plant fibres found in bamboo and rice husks. This makes them sustainable both in production and disposal.

She’s now used the bowls for a couple of months and they feel really sturdy and durable (they have endured despite being dropped to the floor…on more than one occasion).

She also sports a very chic collar made from recycled bottles. The choice of colour was of course entirely her own! I suggested purple and red, but she would have non of it (said it wouldn’t match the lead…you know, what can you say to that?).

Small actions over time, in the right direction, can have a big impact on the earth. At least that’s what Leija says…and she’s an exceptionally clever dog. She’s a real ‘eco-warrior’ that dog.

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What makes a home, home?

Tricky question isn’t it? At least for me. I’m on the train, going away for work a couple of days but already missing home. Not just my immediate home and the people and pets in it, but the area in which I live too. As I become aware of this feeling I realise this is the most ‘home’ I felt for some time, I’ve landed! But why is it that some places feel more like home and others do not?

I think it has to do with more than the actual place, although that of course has a big impact too. However, I believe our internal world has much more to do with when and how we feel at home.

Over the last couple of years I’ve learnt some things about my personality and what I need and don’t need to feel comfortable and able to settle in a place.

  1. I am very introvert. I need a lot of time to ponder on things and to do that I need to have peace and quiet around me.
  2. I am also very social and need to have friends as well as other people around me. Not necessarily all the time and immediately around me, but close enough…
  3. I love discussing issues and possibilities for change, and engaging with people who have similar ideas.
  4. I thrive on intellectual and cultural exchanges in various forms.
  5. Growing up on an island, the sea has always played a very important part in my life. The sea don’t just have a calming effect, it makes me feel alive. It has maternal and paternal qualities. If I don’t live near water there will always be something missing.

So, for me to feel that my home is really ‘my home!’ (if you see what I mean?), the previous points need to have been considered. Not all of them may be fulfilled at any one time, but I need to be aware of them. I need to be aware of my needs.

Luckily, this time all of the above points are fulfilled. I feel at home! I am home!


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My Chemical Romance

Another reason not to eat too much funny coloured candy. A good tip, if it looks artificial, it’s likely to be. And no, this photo has not been edited or reworked in Photoshop! I just had some blue sweets…yum…or yuck? Not exactly a natural blue, is it?!

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On A Rainy Day

The sky is grey and cloudy today but that’s fine ’cause I brought the sunshine in…

This blanket/bedspread does the trick every time. I only have to look at it to feel energized. Maybe unintended colour therapy?

Acquired at a garage sale round the corner from my flat. Actually it wasn’t even a garage sale, it was more of a garage ‘give-away’ with a money bucket for voluntary donations.  So for a couple of quid I acquired this colourful creation and a wicker basket now serving as dog/cat bed.


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Whether you call it art or therapy, making collages is an excellent way of making use of old magazines and newspapers.

It’s also a cheap and environmentally friendly way to liven up a wall!

You only need: a pair of scissors, magazines/newspapers, glue and some imagination!

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