Go green…er

My make-up routine has in the past stretched to slapping on a bit of mascara on special occasions.

Hence, that’s also all I know how to do. To make eye shadow enhance my eyes rather than look like I’ve been hit with a sledgehammer is something I still struggle with.

I am now contended to learn some basic make-up techniques as I have discovered the fun in playing with looks (rather than enhancing look).

I’ve had rummage around in my make-up bag and discarded cosmetics that are not based on natural and/or organic products. What’s left is a Lavera mascara and a mineral blusher.

Over the next couple of months I will be exploring the world of natural and organic make-up and post reviews of products as I go along.

Here’s someone who knows how to do it (and make it look as effortless as can be).

organic make-up look from Lisa Eldridge

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