The most important meal of the day!

It’s a boring fact I know, but it’s worth banging on about!

So many people I’ve spoken to say they simply don’t have the time for breakfast in the morning. Porridge takes 3 minutes to make and probably 5 minutes to eat. Or even just buttering a toast, we’re talking 2 minutes. How can that not be squeezed in no matter how busy a schedule you have?

I’ve never been able to skip breakfast, my body is so used to it and it needs that energy boost in the morning. Usually I will eat a portion of porridge with soya milk, topped with whatever fruit I happen to have at home.

If I don’t have a long, busy day ahead I like to vary my breakfast a bit, again, depending on what I happen to have in the cupboards and in the fridge.

Like this morning when my breakfast consisted of:

a slice of home-made wholemeal bread topped with pomegranate jam (that I got from a farmers market at the weekend), a fruit-salad of a banana, an orange, a passionfruit and some blueberries. On the side I had a handful of nuts (nuts are high in essential amino acids and good fats making them an important part of a vegan diet).


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