On my wish list

Who said low energy light bulbs had to be boring objects giving off dim light?

“The energy saving light bulb is a neglected, yet inspiring invention. It uses 80% less energy than the traditional incandescent light bulb, keeps down electricity bills and is better for the environment. It also lasts around 8 times longer.”

The designers of The Plumen 001 understood that to make people buy low energy bulbs for more reasons than moral obligation, something had to change.

“The name comes from ‘plume’ – a bird’s show feather, designed to attract attention to a bird’s prowess and beauty. We believe our designs do the same for the energy saving light bulb”.

My flat has quite high ceilings so I can see this bulb work in its own right, without any lampshade needed.

(Picture and quotes from this web-page: www.ecohip.co.uk)

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