Let there be light

A little while ago one of my neighbours threw out lots of books and I was of course on hand to rummage through ‘the rubbish’.

Books are somewhat holy to me and of course I couldn’t just abandon them alone in the cold…so I took them all home.

Most of them are happily installed in the bookshelf waiting to be read. However, some of them have seen better days and have pages missing.

This is how I have made use of them instead

I took an old glass (works just as fine with an old jam jar), ripped a few pages out of the book (although painful at first I thought this must be a better way for a book to end its life than rotting away at the tip). At least now it can still be enjoyed!

I then folded the pages around the glass and attached them with some string. Attaching the pages in this way is the easiest option as you can then remove them whenever you want + if gluing you would have to find a heat-resistant glue.

I then simply ripped off the surplus paper at the top. If you want to go for a more tidy look it’s better to cut the surplus off with a pair of scissors.

Ta da- you’ve got yourself a new tea-light holder!

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