Kickstarting the Day

I started this morning off with a freshly made juice!

  • 2 large (organic) carrots
  • 1 (organic) orange
  • a chunk of ginger
  • a handful of fresh wheat-grass

I went a bit heavy on the ginger but it certainly made for an effective wake-up call, and I do love the stuff!

I reckon a decent juice extractor is a really good investment. Drinking fresh juice is an excellent way to obtain minerals and vitamins, and the taste is unbeatable compared to the shop bought stuff!

However, being The Rubbish Queen I shy away from buying things new where possible. My juicer was therefore acquired from a lady that was fed up with juicing and was getting rid of hers (but to be honest I think she was more fed up with having to clean the juicer every time it had been used…it’s not the easiest thing to do).

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