The Sweet Smell of Chemicals?

I’m not saying that all conventional perfumes are bad news! On the other hand I’m not saying that all of them are good news. Sadly many perfumes today contain phthalates and other man-made chemicals. Many of theses substances are potentially damaging and can have a disrupting effect on the hormone (endocrine) system.

For that reason, (and because of the fact that I don’t particularly enjoy synthetic smells) I only use natural perfumes.

I have tried quite a few natural perfumes of varied quality and price class. Many of which unfortunately have left me smelling like a walking incense stick, not so refreshing.

Currently I am using the solid scent ‘Love Letter’ from The Green Grocery.

The Green Grocery produces small batches of chemical-free, all natural, organic perfumes in recycled and recyclable packaging.

I always find it difficult to order perfume online, without being able to sniff it out beforehand, but this one really hit the spot.

Love Letter has quite an ‘earthy’, rich smell from the sandalwood base note. To be honest I thought it would smell more of roses and have a lighter feel, but it does nevertheless smell lovely! After a little while the sandalwood eases in favour for the rose and jasmine scent which makes it refreshingly balanced.

You get 20ml for the humble price of £10.50!

The only negative aspect I can think of is that the smell fades faster compared to many other perfumes I’ve tried, but then I’m not needing to use an awful lot when applying so the perfume have lasted well despite this.

Love Letter scores 4.5 of 5

When this one runs out (I will keep hold of the cute little tin), and try another perfume from the Green Grocer, Kismet.

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