Reap What You Sow

As days are getting warmer and the sun reminds us of the approaching summer, it’s starting to itch in the gardening enthusiasts amongst us, me included.

To reap the rewards of home-grown organic foods and herbs throughout the summer it’s good to be well prepared and start in time. Some vegetables can be started off as soon as the frost has gone completely. Many seedlings however can be started off indoors or in a conservatory before that, and then planted outdoors as it gets warmer.

You don’t even need an awful lot of space. Last summer I successfully grew herbs, strawberries, carrots and rocket in free-standing pots as well as potatoes and lettuce in grow-bags (which can be found in a range of designs and various prices at most garden centres and B&Q or online at Amazon and Ebay).

Of course, many people don’t have the benefit of a garden or allotment (such is the case for me after a recent move), but still want to grow cheap and organic food! And why not?! More home-grown veg for the people I say! It’s fun for all ages, and to harvest your own food (no matter how small the harvest may be) is one of the most rewarding things there are!

So, the solution for us urban flat-dwellers is Landshare (follow link for more info). Landshare is a not-for -profit organisation connecting keen growers to people with land to share, and vice versa. This is an excellent initiative and you only have to sign up, write a little presentation of yourself and start searching for free land in your area.

If it turns out there is no free land in your area why not put up a note in your local shop or local newspaper and ask if anyone has a spare plot that can be utilised for growing. It might for example be the case that an elderly person has a garden he or she can no longer maintain. You keep it in good knick, get to grow your own veg (and share some with the kind soul that’s letting you use their land) and everyone’s a winner!

So, ‘green-fingered’ veggie lovers out there, there is a way! Just get stuck in, grow your own and be kind to your wallet and the environment!

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