Ready, Steady, Cook!

With my last Abel and Cole delivery I was given ‘The Abel & Cole Cookbook – Easy, Seasonal, Organic‘.

This Cookbook provides beautiful pictures and clear instructions. With its easy recipes the book encourages to get cooking and not worry so much about perfection. After all, the important thing is to enjoy cooking and enjoy the food!

What differentiates it from many other cookbooks on the market is that the recipes are divided into four sections, all in accordance with the seasons. Although there are recipes on how to cook meat (which is of no interest to me as a vegan) I can really recommend it. There are also many vegetarian recipes and the ones that are not can be tweaked to suit individual tastes. Like with all vegetarian and vegan cooking you sometimes have to ‘think outside the box’ and be a bit creative, but that’s the beauty of cooking!

The cookbook can be ordered from Abel & Cole’s web page (here) or at Amazon (here).

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