Bottling It Up?

Spring and summer are fast approaching and with it (hopefully) some hot weather. This also means we tend to get more dehydrated and need to drink more water.

However, one thing I really don’t agree with is buying water in the shops. At least not in a country like the UK that has decent water on tap.

That said, I’m not necessarily saying our tap water couldn’t be better. In the area where I live the water has so much chlorine in it, that when having a shower it actually smells like I’m in the local pool. Hence, the taste of it isn’t particularly good either.

Naturally I want to drink clean water, but I really don’t agree with the shop bought bottled stuff.

So, might this be the solution?

The Bobble is a reusable bottle that filters your tap-water through a carbon filter, removing chlorine and organic contaminants. One filter equates to 300 shop bought water bottles. Once used to its limit the filter is easily replaced.

The Bobble bottle is made from recycled plastic, and is in turn 100% recyclable. More importantly the bottles are free from bisphenol A, phthalates and PVC.

So, save the planet from more plastic and bottles that have been transported in trucks far and wide. Drink your own tap-water but in a purer form – and enjoy!

For more info have a look at the Bobble website here! I’m going for the yellow one, bright and energizing!

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