Thoughts on the buying of stuff…

I have tried so many ‘natural’ and organic cosmetic products over the years. Unfortunately far from all of them have actually had ingredients resembling anything natural or organic. Rather than being inspired by nature they have been derived from chemical explorations in a lab.

Many of the big brand cosmetic companies have caught up on the trend of organic products and the increasing demand from the consumer for these products. Unfortunately labelling cosmetics as; ‘natural’, ‘a green choice’, ‘eco-friendly’, (the list goes on), doesn’t actually mean that the products are just that.

It is increasingly important that we look beyond the fancy commercials and catchphrases and actually get down to some serious reading. As a habit I read the ingredient list at the back of every product I am considering buying.

Nothing makes it in my basket before I can be assured that I am not being deceived when buying the product, whether it is food or cosmetics. Sadly that is exactly what many companies do, on purpose and with full awareness misleading the customer, more money is generated that way . In this way I can at least make my own, informed, mind up on what I want to spend my money on!

Many people will sigh at this and at the thought of spending, or rather wasting, precious time whenever a purchase is to be made. So be it. Give your time. It is yours, and so it is also yours to give freely. Give it to the coffee farmers struggling to support their families, to the rabbits in the lab with chemical substances in their eyes, to the workers in the banana plantations that are being made ill from the pesticides…you get the point.

WE as consumers need to take the power back, to us where it belongs. It is our money that is being fed into unethical companies. So, next time you’re out shopping, whether it is for clothes, cosmetics or food, realise you are in the position of power. And you can use that power wisely!

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2 Responses to Thoughts on the buying of stuff…

  1. Marika says:

    Kära Maja…vilken fin blogg. Pappa gav mig adressen. Kloka saker du skriver. ja här ute i skogen blir det inte så mycket konsumtion men dessto mer bilåkande. Svårt att komma undan!
    Tänker på dig och hoppas du mår bra. Kram Marika

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