Thoughts on the 8th March

Happy International Women’s Day!

That’s the phrase I choose to start off with, for the rest won’t be so cheerful!

After extensive studies in psychology and gender studies I can make a well-informed statement: behavioural gender differences are socially acquired. The physical differences are obviously obvious but have no relevance whatsoever to the hours we should and should not work, to what colours we supposedly should wear, the things we supposedly like and dislike, the wage we supposedly are worth, or not worth. Not for women. Not for men.

So, on this day I take the opportunity to be angry, really angry. Next year on the 8th of March I might feel different, I might feel like going out to celebrate women and the struggles that have been fought for us to be treated…well, like beings with equal rights to men. But not this year, this year I feel angry because of the fact that 8th of March even have to exist.

This day I also take to opportunity to hope…

I hope your dreams will come true. I hope you will live a fulfilled life. I hope you won’t be stigmatised, treated with disrespect or treated different to other living beings. Under any circumstances! I hope you love, regardless of whether it is a woman or a man you love, and regardless of whether you are a woman or a man. It doesn’t matter.

Ranting over. Just sayin’

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