Edna and I

I love Freecycle and the idea of giving and taking without any money involved! Also because, as my dad pointed out when I told him about it, it is a form of threat to consumer society. And that is a good thing. Threatening consumer society means caring for the environment and the people and animals living in that environment.

One of the other reasons I like Freecycle is for its altruistic aspect on a more immediate level, it is a chance for people to acquire things they need but can’t afford themselves. Whether it’d be a pram, a kettle, a toilet (oh yes, I’ve seen a few posted), or anything else. We give and we receive!

I recently received in the form of Edna.

I don’t think she was called Edna in her previous home, but I figured new start – new name. Except looking exceptionally dapper, she will also facilitate me in some sewing/remake projects. More about that in a future post.

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