So ‘Green Wave’

My dog, Leija, that is. She is very particular about the food she eats, but also what she eats her food from.


BeCobowl is made from waste (leftover materials from farming) plant fibres found in bamboo and rice husks. This makes them sustainable both in production and disposal.

She’s now used the bowls for a couple of months and they feel really sturdy and durable (they have endured despite being dropped to the floor…on more than one occasion).

She also sports a very chic collar made from recycled bottles. The choice of colour was of course entirely her own! I suggested purple and red, but she would have non of it (said it wouldn’t match the lead…you know, what can you say to that?).

Small actions over time, in the right direction, can have a big impact on the earth. At least that’s what Leija says…and she’s an exceptionally clever dog. She’s a real ‘eco-warrior’ that dog.

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2 Responses to So ‘Green Wave’

  1. Nice! Must get my Ikey on board ;-)!

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