Something for Nothing

Sometimes I’m lucky and find two things that can be used together. Like this time. One day I found two chairs, nice design but not a very nice dark brown varnish. A couple of days later I found a whole bag of small test pots of paint, from everything to ceiling paint, wall paint and bathroom paint in various colours. Some of the paints were to dry or had too little in them. But the paint that was still okay I put to good use.

This is the result…

As I didn’t have enough paint I only did two layers of paint but without a basecoat. This means the colour may wear off a bit faster, but I don’t mind that. I like it when it looks a bit worn, or ‘shabby-chic’ as it’s so fashionable called.

Old chairs are usually really cheap in charity shops, and tester pots of paint can be bought for a couple of quid in all paint and decorating shops.

Even Willow the cat approved, and she’s usually quite a hard one to please.

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